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Clerics, or clergyman, are people who belongs to churches and praise God. Their lives have been devoted to serve and help people, and to do what is right.

Whenever a character becomes a member of a church, the person is given a holy symbol of the church with the character's name engraved on its back. Clerics have to carry their holy symbol with them at all times. If the symbol is ever lost, the person is considered disrespectable and driven from the church until the holy symbol is recovered. A cleric is never given a second holy symbol. They are to keep the one they have for life.

These clergymen may also have magical powers. Magical powers are not taught to just any cleric. Only honorable and respectable clerics are allowed to learn the magical powers. And only clerics that are higher than second level can learn magical powers. Before clerics can learn or perform any magical powers, their holy symbol must be "blessed" by the head of their church. The "blessing" prepares the holy symbol for magical uses and to retain spiritual powers. If any cleric was to lose their "blessed" holy symbol, they will be unable to perform their magic spells. All power points are stored in the symbol.

A cleric with a "blessed" holy symbol is respected by everyone. A cleric's magical spells are for helping people. They do not have combat spells. A cleric must have an above average wisdom attribute and a goodwill toward all races.

Level Experience:    2500


Conjurers have the ability to create physical phenomena like fire and light. They can also weave weighty illusions. From fireballs to magic compasses, conjurers can create objects and effects out of thin air. Conjurer spells take up a lot of energy to create even moderate effects; that's why these magic users don't generally involve themselves with huge magical productions.

Level Experience:    2500


Fighter is the most basic form of adventurers. Everyone could be considered as a fighter. The main reason to become a fighter is to thrive on adventures, knowing that the character can handle most combat situations. Thus, gaining a higher prestige. However, there are other benefits of becoming a fighter. For every five profession levels gained, the fighter receives a +1 roll to strike bonus. For every ten profession levels gained, the fighter receive an additional action.

Level Experience:    2500


These are no ordinary, somber, brown-robed, porridge eaters. Monks are actually adept fighters skilled in the ways of martial arts. While Monks with more experience prefer to fight with their bare hands, they can also use traditional weapons. A monk's dodge rolls improves by +1 for every five profession level gained.

Level Experience:    2500


Necromancers are the manipulator of the spirits and the dead. With their abilities they could call on a spirit which processes spiritual powers to foretell the past, the present, and, possibly, the future. Though speaking to the spirits is not the only ability that a necromancer has. One of their most powerful abilities is the ability to command the dead. A necromancer that encounters undead creatures could force them under his/her command.

A character requires at least one necromancer spell to be considered as a necromancer.

Level Experience:    2500


Paladins are King's Champions. They are people who have done a favor, in some way, toward the king. And the king has acknowledged that favor. Paladins swear to battle all evil and uphold honor and purity. Due to their virtuous nature, the high priest will bless the paladin's necklace at the king's request. The blessed necklace will be able to retain magical powers much like cleric's holy symbols. With the blessed necklace, the paladin can cast spells to ward off evil.

Level Experience:    2500


Prophet is a holy person who foretells the future for the good of man. Usually they work as the king's aid. They do not use their powers for just any reason. They only use their powers when needed, never for short-term personal gain. Their fortune telling equipment are quite important; care should be take to avoid losing such gear to the wrong hands. Prophets must have a fortune telling skill. The character must choose one item to be their channelling device; such as a crystal ball.

Level Experience:    2500


The dexterous thief makes a living out of picking locks and neutralizing traps. If you plan to travel without a rogue, prepare to pay a high physical price for your discovered treasures. A rogue also has the ability to identify mysterious items. And perhaps most important, a Rogue can be an excellent killer due to his or her ability to sneak up close to an opponent before he or she attacks . . . and you'll soon find out just how important this thief is to your fate. In order to be a rogue, your character must have the following skills.

  • Identify Item
  • Pick Lock
  • Pick Pocket
  • Detect Trap
  • Make Trap
  • Neutralize Trap
  • Set Trap
Level Experience:    2500


Level Experience:    2500


A male spell-caster is called a wizard, while a female spell-caster is called a sorcerer. Wizards and sorcerers are magic-users. They not only have benevolent spells, but they also have evil and treacherous spells. Their spells have the ability to change the properites of physical objects such as enchanting a sword, turning a stone into a formidable foe, or making a dungeon wall vanish. A wizard or sorcerer must have an above average intelligence.

Level Experience:    2500