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Wizard and Sorcerer

Big Chill - An area-effect attack spell that will inflict up to 24 points of damage to all lifeforms within range. Action: 5. Effect: 4d6 to each lifeform. Range: 30 feet. Target: all. Power: 15.

Complete Darkness - Dispels all light within an area. Action: 1. Area: 50 feet radius, centered on caster. Power: 10.

Dispel Magic - This spell negates another target spell that are currently in effect. Action: 1. Range: Within 50 feet from the edge of magical effect. Power: Must be equal to or greater than the total casting cost of the target spell.

Energy Arrow - Creates an arrow out of energy to be directed at one foe. Action: 1. Effect: 1d4. Range: 50 feet. Target: 1 foe. Power: 1.

Fist of Stone - An attack spell that allows the spell-caster to punch a foe from a distance. The more power points used to cast this spell, the more damage is done to the foe. Action: 3. Effect: 1d8 damage points for ever 4 power points.

Great Fire - This spell is an area-effect weapon. It can sometimes take out whole groups of lesser foes. Effect: 2d6 damage points. Action: 4. Range: 30 feet. Target: group. Power: 6.

Permanent Silence - This spell silences an entire area permanently. It does not stop any actions that are producing noises from occurring, it just prevent the noises from being heard. Action: 20. Power: 15 per feet.

Silent Area - This spell silences an entire area. It does not stop any actions that are producing noises, it just prevents the noise from being heard. Action: 2. Area: 10 feet per professional level, centered on caster. Duration: 1D10 minutes. Power: 10 per feet.

Silent Object - This spell silences the noise an object makes. For example, it can silent a squeaking wheel or a snoring person. It does not actually stop the action that causes the noise; the wheel is still turning and the person is still snoring. Action: 1. Duration: 1D10 minutes per professional level. Power: 5. Range: 10 feet.

Super Reflex - A nifty spell that improves the reflex of a character. Action: 1. Effect: +15 to reflex. Target: touch. Duration: 1d6 x 10 minutes. Power: 10.

Whirl Wind - Possibly moves one or more foes away from you on a twisting cone of howling winds. Action: 3. Effect: moves a group of foe up to 30 feet. Range: 40 feet. Target: group. Power: 4.