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Warlock and Witch

Apport Arcane - Teleports the caster to any location that's not protected by a teleportation shield. The location must be a place the caster has been before. Action: 10. Power: 15. Target: caster.

Bundle of Twigs: Zap - A bundle of twigs that has been prepared with the zapping spell. See Preparing Bundle of Twigs below to create this bundle. Each twig is capable of firing one zapping lightning. Damage: 1D4 DP. Range: 10 feet. Power: 1 per twig. Target: 1 target.

Drain Life Force - Suck away the life force of your foe. Action: 5. Effect: 4d6 damage points. Range: 20 feet. Target: group. Power: 11.

Flesh Deterioration - This spell cause the up to 10 points of damage to a target foe. Action: 1. Effect: 1D10 DP. Range: touch. Target: 1 foe. Power: 10.

Flight - This spell allows the warlock or witch to fly on a broomstick or a pitchfork. The caster can stay levitated until the caster lands. Action: 1. Target: caster. Power: 20.

Lure - An euphony that lures an intented victim to the location of the caster. At professional level below 10, this melody only effects children. After level 10, this melody can be used to lure adults. Action: 3 per round. Range: 1000 feet. Target: 1 victim. Power: 3.

Identify Potion - This spell identifies the potion that the caster is holding to the caster's mind. Action: 1. Range: touch. Power: 5.

Hypnotize (Permanent) This spell hypnotizes the target person. The caster is then able to give the target person commands and submininal messages. The spell is permanent and will not wear off; it can only be dispelled. Action: 1. Duration: 1D4 minutes for every two power points used. Power: 20 Range: Touch Target: Another person or being.

Hypnotize (Temporary) - This spell hypnotizes the target person. The caster is then able to give the target person commands and submininal messages. This spell is temporary and will wear off after a while. Action: 1. Duration: 1D4 minutes for every two power points used. Power: Depends on duration. Range: Touch Target: Another person or being.

Magic Crow - Turn any non-living, non-magical thing into a crow. The non-living thing can be no bigger than the approximate size of a crow. The crow will obey caster's command. Action: 1. Power: 10. Range: Touch. Target: 1 non-living, non-magical thing.

Mix Potion - This spell helps the warlock and witch brew potions out of water and the ingredients. The spell is cast on the ingredients that the warlock or witch touches. It takes an hour to brew a potion. Action: 5. Range: touch. Power: 10.

Prepare Bundle of Twigs - When cast onto a bundle of twigs, this spell charges the twigs with a special spell. They types of spells available are listed under the various bundles of twigs. Each twig stores one spell charge. See Bundles of Twigs for their uses. Action: 5. Range: Touch. Power: 5 per twig.

Stone Stare - Turn any living thing into stone. The caster has to stare into the target's eyes. And the target's eyes has to stare into the caster's eyes. Action: 1. Power: 30. Range: Line-of-sight. Target: 1.

Stone Touch - Turn any non-living thing into stone. Action: 1. Power: 20. Range: Touch. Target: 1.

Transfer Youth - This spell ages an opponent and trasnfers the same amount of youth to the caster. Action: 20. Range: touch. Power: 40, plus one point for every year of age.

Voodoo Rattlesnake Tune - This tune, produced by a flute, lures poisonous rattlesnakes to the caster. The rattlesnake will attack any close-by character. Action: 5 per round. Effect: lures 1D2 rattlesnakes per professional level. Power: 5. Range: 100 feet.

White Feather Hex - This spell causes death to a target individual. However, it requires physical material and a bit of preparation. To start, a pure white feather must be plucked from a white leghorn. Then the breath of the victim had to be spread over the feather. Next, the caster must recite a monosyllabic chant over the feather, without accidentally breathing on the feature (causing the caster to be the target of the spell). Finally, the caster must hang the feather up with a piece of thread and watch it grow red; the only way to tell if the hex has worked. If performed correctly, the hex causes the target victim to die after 1D30 minutes. See The White Feather Hex short story for more details about this spell.