Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Cyno's Fantasy


In alphabetic order.

Amber Cheng
Necklace of Power Infusion concept.
Andrew North
"The People of the Crater" short story.
C. A. Butz
"Swamp Demons" poem.
Chieh Cheng
Drawings, writing, filling in the details, and all other work.
Chris Moore aka moreconfusion
Medallion model.
Centaur illustration.
Man Fighting Skeleton illustration.
Don Peterson
"The White Feather Hex" short story.
Earl Peirce, Jr.
"Doom of the House of Duryea" short story.
Ethan Cheng
Nimble Fighter Ring concept.
Fantasy Illustrations Royality-Free Images CD-ROM
Castle Wall and Sunset illustration.
Open Clip Art Library
Armor (Front and Back) illustrations.
Battle Axe illustration.
Broadsword illustration.
Castle illustration.
Caveman illustration.
Conjurer and Mushrooms illustration.
Dart illustration.
Elven Girl illustration.
Female Warrior illustration.
Gem Guardian illustration.
Ghost of Despair illustration.
Goblin illustration.
Greek Helmet illustration.
Knife illustration.
Knight illustration.
Morning Star illustration.
Orc illustration.
Rings illustration.
Rogue illustration.
Shield illustration.
Stone Axe illustration.
Witch and Black Cat Flying in Front of Moon illustration.
Witch Flying on Bloomstick illustration.
Woman Playing Lute illustration.
Cleric illustration.
Conjurer illustration.
Warlock with a Bundle of Stick illustration.
Witch Brewing Potion by Large Tree illustration.
Witch with Crystal Ball illustration.
Telos NineFiveFour aka Telos954
Frostmourne Rune Ring model.
Trimble 3D Warehouse
Green Flask illustration.
Hobbit House illustration.
R. K. Murphy, Neil Austin, and Charles McNutt
"The People of the Crater" illustrations.